Awning Windows

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Awning windows make excellent windows when you’re looking to add ventilation and natural light. They work well with other window types they can fit in areas with limited space, such as a small closet or bathroom. Awning windows provide an attractive contemporary aesthetic while also being optimized to provide maximum ventilation. These things make awning windows a popular choice for replacement windows.

Awning windows have hinges at the top sash. They open by swinging outward from the base, appearing like an awning when fully open. Screens are more protected from the elements because they are on the inside of the window. Because they can be placed high on the wall, awning windows are often used for basements.  They are a great choice to pair with other windows since awning windows are generally smaller in size. With just the turn of a handle, awning windows are easy to use and versatile. The unique design of awning windows makes them useful for adding ventilation while effectively blocking the outdoor elements from entering homes.

Awning Windows VS Casement Windows

Awning and casement windows are commonly referred to as crank windows, since they are opened using a cranking mechanism. The two window types easily glide open or shut by turning an easy-to-reach fold-down handle. Both are very similar in style, but have two distinct differences.

Casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward, to the left or to the right. They are available in one, two, three, four or five-lite configurations. Casement windows are made for openings in which the height is greater than the width. However, awning windows are hinged at the top and are only available in one, two or three-lite configurations. Awning windows are made for openings in which the width is greater than the height.

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  • Secure, easy to operate, and energy-efficient
  • Great for nearly any room in a home, from kitchens and bathrooms to closets and basements
  • Useful for adding functionality to picture windows

Increase Energy Efficiency

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