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Awning Windows vs. Sliding Windows

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If you’re considering revamping your home’s windows, know that there are numerous designs to choose from. Many people wonder about Awning Windows vs. Sliding Windows. What are the main differences, and which is the best window for my house?

For window installation in Minneapolis, awning windows and sliding windows are two popular options among modern homeowners. These distinct window designs offer different benefits and drawbacks that you should consider as you select new windows for your home. Let’s review the pros and cons of awning windows and sliding windows to help you find the best window design to fit your needs. 

Awning Windows

Awning windows are gaining popularity in residential applications. As with casement windows, awning windows open outward, with hinges located at the top of the window. This is unique from many other window designs. Awning windows have just one sash, without any dividers.  

To operate awning windows, you’ll need to turn the window crank. When the crank is turned, the window will open outward at about a 45-degree angle. This open window creates a shape much like an awning, giving the design its name. Additionally, since the windows open outward from the bottom, awning windows can remain open in a rainstorm without water entering your home. 

Note that awning windows are ideal for higher floors in your home. This is because an open awning window may get in the way of outdoor areas that you use regularly, such as a patio. 


Natural Light

The single-sash design of awning windows, with no dividers, allows sunlight to enter your home unobstructed. Natural light is sure to beautify any home, and considering the high volume of sunlight that we receive here in Minneapolis throughout the year, you should take advantage of it!


Due to the hinges at the top of an awning window, this window design provides a very tight seal. Little to no air will pass through this type of window when it’s closed, providing greater energy-efficiency for your home. With less air leakage, awning windows will allow your heater and air conditioner to run more efficiently. 


Awning windows provide excellent ventilation, due to the fact that they can open fully. Even when it’s raining, you can safely open up awning windows to bring fresh air into your home. 


Impractical For Some Ground-Level Areas

As aforementioned, when awning windows are installed near outdoor areas that are often in use, they can become an obstruction. Awning windows open outward and therefore take up space outside. 


Awning windows tend to require more maintenance than other window types. This is largely because of the crank mechanism. 

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are sleek, simple windows that are popular among homeowners today. Two sashes are contained in just one frame with a sliding window. The sashes slide to one side inside of the frame to open the window. Sliding windows with two individual sashes are also available, enabling homeowners to open both sashes for more ventilation. 

The contemporary look of sliding windows makes them a leading pick for homes of all styles. Additionally, sliding windows save space by containing the sashes within the frame.  


Natural Light and Outdoor Visibility

Sliding windows are typically large and have undivided panes. So, natural light can easily enter your home through sliding windows, and you’ll get an unobstructed view of the outdoors. 

Ease of Use

Unlike awning windows, sliding windows don’t require a crank for operation. The sashes slide easily to open, making sliding windows practical for people who are elderly or may struggle to open other types of windows. 


Sliding windows are a highly energy-efficient window option. With fewer parts than most other window designs, sliding windows don’t provide gaps through which air can leak. That said, the seal of sliding windows isn’t as airtight as that of awning windows. 



In a storm, sliding windows may rattle, causing a disturbance in your home. 


Sliding windows require regular cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dust and debris in the tracks.

How to choose between Awning Windows vs. Sliding Windows?

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