As your Minneapolis window experts, we’re here to help you find the best window designs that will give you the best views of the outdoors this summer. Below, you’ll find our top recommendations for windows that offer excellent outdoor visibility and plenty of natural light. 

Bay Windows

When it comes to elegant outdoor views, there are few better options than bay windows. Made up of three windows set at angles that extend away from your home, bay windows create the illusion that you’re closer to the outdoors while remaining in the comfort of your home. Classic and timeless, bay windows will enhance your outdoor views this summer. 

There’s no denying that bay windows provide exceptional aesthetic value. But, there are also functional benefits afforded by this window type. These include:

  • Enhanced ventilation

The side windows included in a bay window can open and close, allowing for excellent ventilation in your home. Whether you need to cool down your home, let in a breeze, eliminate odors, or simply usher in some fresh air, bay windows give you the option. 

  • Greater natural light

With three large sections, bay windows can be used to maximize the natural light in your home. Natural light is important to brighten up any space, especially here in Minnesota. This is another reason why bay windows are a great choice for window installation.  

  • Additional space

A perk of bay windows that people don’t always consider is the additional space that they provide. Since bay windows protrude from your home, they provide a little bit of extra room in your interior. This nook can be used as a cozy place to read, enjoy your coffee in the morning, and, of course, take in the gorgeous view. 

Sliding Windows

Simple but effective, sliding windows are one of the best window choices for fantastic views not only in summer, but throughout the year. You can think of sliding windows are double-hung windows that are turned sideways. The panes slide left or right to open, providing easy operation for all of the members of your household. Since both sides of a sliding window can be opened simultaneously, this window allows for stellar ventilation that will come in handy this summer.

Sliding windows often feature a floor-to-ceiling style. So, the window will span much of one wall in the room. This will turn the wall into a full view of the outdoors. So, sliding windows are generally the best choice for homeowners who want as much natural light as possible streaming into their homes.  

Picture Windows

Picture windows are known for creating unobstructed views of the outdoors. This, in fact, is why the design is called a “picture” window – it provides a clear picture of the scenery outside your home. Picture windows can be any size, but they’re often large to pack the biggest punch. When it comes to maximizing the views in your home this summer, big picture windows are beautiful and effective. This window design will complement virtually any aesthetic and can go in various rooms throughout your home.

The main downside to picture windows is that they’re often fixed. This means that you won’t be able to open them to allow ventilation in your home. You’ll need to rely on other windows in your home for this purpose. Or, you could opt for a combination picture window, with which a picture window is placed in between two functioning windows. This provides the aesthetic benefit of the picture window with the benefit of ventilation from the operable windows. 

When it comes to your windows, it’s important to select the style that will best complement your home. All homeowners are unique, and the windows that will suit your home through every season may vary from your neighbor’s windows.

If you’re eager to get your windows ready for this summer, contact Superior Windows today. We provide trusted professional window installation services in the Twin Cities.

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