In the spring, most of us think about decluttering and cleaning out our homes. This spring, rather than simply decluttering, why not make a lasting improvement to the condition of your home? What are some reasons to replace your windows?

If you’ve lived in your home for a long time and haven’t yet replaced the windows, or if the windows weren’t new when you purchased the home, this spring could be a perfect time to replace them. As you make other springtime improvements to your home, window replacements will upgrade the appearance and longevity of your abode.

What are some reasons to replace your windows?

Not sure whether or not you’ll benefit from a window replacement this spring? Keep an eye out for these signs that your windows are at the end of their days:

Drafty Windows

No one wants drafty windows. If you’re noticing a breeze coming out of your windows when they’re closed, you’re probably dealing with a draft. 

Drafty windows are typically a result of gaps in the frame. Whether due to age or poor installation, drafty windows will diminish the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system and rack up your home’s energy bills. So, before you have to turn on the air conditioner this summer, have any drafty windows in your home replaced. This investment will pay off in the coming months and years as your HVAC system requires less energy to function normally. 

Damaged Window Hardware

Damaged hardware can make your windows difficult to operate. If you struggle to open and close your windows, you could likely benefit from having them replaced. After all, operating your windows shouldn’t be a strenuous part of your day!

Too Much Outside Noise

Does outdoor noise seem to be louder than it used to be inside of your home? If so, you could be dealing with insufficient sound insulation in your home’s windows. You can fix this problem by scheduling window replacements this spring. With new, better-insulated windows, you’ll be able to enjoy more peace and quiet inside of your home. 

Moisture and Window Rot

Over time, if your window frames are exposed to excess moisture, they may begin to decay and rot. Mold may also develop on the frames and even the adjacent walls. This is a big indicator that it’s time for new windows in your Minneapolis home. 

Cracked Windowpanes

Anything from a severe hailstorm to a stray golfball can crack windowpanes. If you notice that a windowpane in your home is cracked or otherwise damaged, it’s wise to have the window replaced. The damaged glass will allow air to leak in and out of your home, making for higher energy bills and less comfortable interiors. Damaged windowpanes may also create a security issue if you don’t have them repaired promptly. 

More Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Optimize The Window Installation Process

In this spring, the sun stays out longer and the days are longer. This makes the spring season an excellent time to schedule home repairs. With longer days, your local Minneapolis window replacement team will be able to work longer hours in a single day to get the new window or windows installed. The project will be completed in fewer days, providing greater convenience to your household. 

Use Less Energy This Summer

If your home has an air conditioner, you’re probably used to having significantly higher energy bills in the summer. When the temperatures reach a peak, your air conditioner will probably be on full blast to keep your living spaces comfortable. So, if air is leaking out of the windows, your energy bills will be even costlier this summer. Replacing your windows this spring will ensure that your air conditioner can operate efficiently and that your energy bills will be as affordable as possible. 

Check A Home Improvement Project Off Of Your List

Over the course of the year, you may need to complete various home improvement projects. By scheduling window replacements this spring, you can tick one item off of your list. This will make the rest of your year less hectic as far as home renovations go.

To schedule your window replacement for this spring, contact Superior Windows today.

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