During the summer months, high temperatures make window energy-efficiency particularly important. With your air conditioner running, the efficiency of your windows can make a big difference in your monthly energy bills, as well as your impact on the environment as a homeowner. These factors are key in many people’s decision to revamp their windows leading into the summer season. 

Updating your windows for increased energy efficiency is a wise choice that will benefit you in the long run. Here, we’ll present strategies for improving the efficiency of your windows now, before the hottest days of the year are upon us. 

Replace The Window Frames

If you don’t currently have the funds for a full window replacement, replacing the window frames alone is a great solution. Having only the frames replaced is less expensive than replacing the window in its entirety, and doing so can significantly boost the energy efficiency of your windows. 

To ensure that your new window frames are as efficient as possible, look for frames with the WERS, or Window Energy Rating Scheme, label. This label will tell you the window frame’s energy rating, with a 5 being the best rating. Selecting window frames with a high WERS rating is a fantastic way to improve the energy efficiency of your windows without breaking the bank. 

Upgrade Your Window Coverings

Updating your window coverings is another strategy that you can implement to lower the amount of energy that your AC requires to function at its best. While the coverings won’t impact the efficiency of the actual windows, they’ll inhibit the transfer of heat from the outdoors into your home. This helps keep your living spaces cool and your A/C running efficiently. 

Thick curtains are more effective at keeping heat out of your home than thin curtains. The best option for energy efficiency is to select thermal curtains, which are designed to stop the temperature outside from affecting the temperature of your home. 

Selecting the right type of window coverings is only half of the battle. To maintain the energy efficiency of your home, you must also use the curtains as they’re intended. The curtains should be the right size for your windows, meaning that they extend beyond the window ledge. When the sun is shining the most intensely into your home, you can also close the curtains to stop the sunshine from heating up your home. 

Caulk or Weather Strip Your Existing Windows For Increase Window Energy-Efficiency

A drafty window can significantly diminish the energy efficiency of your home’s windows. If you’re looking for an alternative to a window replacement to fix a draft, caulking or weather stripping could be good options for you. These affordable window repair solutions can be used to close gaps and cracks in your window frames. While caulking and weather stripping are both very inexpensive, both options can lead to lower energy bills throughout the year.  

As a rule of thumb, caulking should be used for the parts of your window that don’t move, while weatherstripping should be used for the window parts that do move. Additionally, caulking should typically only be used for cracks that are less than a quarter of an inch thick. 

Invest in Window Replacement

If your windows are on the older side or have significant damage, window replacement is likely your best option. Old and damaged windows are likely to allow air to leak in and out of your home. When your air conditioner is running, this will force the HVAC system to work harder and use more energy than is necessary. 

There are many different types of windows to choose from for your Minneapolis home. Different window designs offer varying benefits, so it’s wise to consider each option carefully. From double-hung windows to sliding windows to bay windows and more, you’ll find a window design that suits your home’s style and unique needs. 

A variety of window features are also available and can make a big difference in energy efficiency. The type of frame and glazing that you choose, for example, could alter the impact of external temperatures on your home.

If you’re interested in scheduling a window replacement for increased energy efficiency this summer, contact Superior Windows today. We provide expert window installation services for a range of needs in Minneapolis.

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