When it comes to the longevity of your home’s windows, excess moisture is the enemy. Window water damage can quickly cause the lifespan of the windows to dwindle, typically leading to a premature window replacement. Especially if it’s early on in the life of your windows, this is an unnecessary expense that can be largely avoided with proper window maintenance. 

To get water damage to your windows repaired, you’ll first need to identify it. Here, we’ll go over the main signs that your windows are becoming damaged due to excess moisture. If you notice any of these signs, you may need to call in the window experts for professional help. 

The Main Signs of Window Water Damage


Mold thrives in moist environments. If your windows are exposed to excess water or humidity for a prolonged period, mold spores may settle in and begin to grow. 

The window frame and the wall around your windows are susceptible to mold growth if excess moisture is present. The mold is often black and may appear in spots. Mold can also have a fuzzy texture. Unfortunately, as mold grows inside of your home, the mold spores will circulate in the air. Mold spores trigger allergic reactions in many children and adults. So, members of your household may start to experience respiratory symptoms as a result of mold growth on your windows. 

Battling Window Mold 

To preserve both the air quality in your home and the condition of your windows, it’s important to address mold as soon as you notice it. You can often effectively scrub the mold away with white vinegar or bleach. But, cleaning the mold away may only be a temporary fix. You’ll need to find the reason for the excess moisture that’s encouraging mold growth in your windows. Whether it’s high humidity levels in your home, which may be improved with a dehumidifier, or window condensation, which can be fixed with more insulative windows, finding the root of the mold issue will prevent further damage. 

Standing Water

If you notice standing water around your home’s windows and the windows are closed, you need to implement a prompt solution to avoid major water damage. The standing water may be caused by a window leak. Windows may leak due to poor installation or deteriorated materials. In either case, to prevent ongoing water damage, you’ll need window replacement services to fix the problem.

Paint Damage

Moisture can damage the paint on the walls around your windows. Peeling, bubbling, fading, or blistering paint indicate that water could be leaking through your windows, or that condensation is dripping down from the windowpane to the wall. In both cases, the paint damage is often only the tip of the iceberg; this sign of water damage can lead to mold growth. So, if you notice that the paint around a window is looking worse for wear, have a professional check for a window leak. 


Water damage to your windows can cause a musty odor in your home. It can often be difficult to identify the cause of an odor, making it tricky to identify this sign of window water damage. But, if you do smell something musty in your home, don’t forget to check the windows. If there’s excess moisture or other signs of water damage, the window could be leaking. 


If the appearance of a window frame is diminishing, you could be dealing with a leak. Specifically, water stains and discoloration are signs that water is seeping into the window frame. Left alone, the frame may start to rot because of the prolonged exposure to moisture. 

It’s worth noting that your window frame may become discolored because of rain coming in through an open window. Be sure to close all of the windows in your home when it rains to avoid water damage. 

Floor Damage

In severe cases of a leaky window, you may notice water damage on the floor. Wooden floors may warp when exposed to water because of a window leak. Floor tiles may become loose, and linoleum may start to peel. Any of these signs of water damage to your window need to be checked out by a professional ASAP. 

If you notice signs of water damage to your windows, contact Superior Windows today. One of our friendly Minneapolis window installation and repair experts will be in touch with you to schedule a free estimate. 

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