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Double-Hung Windows: Pros, Cons, and Maintenance

Double-hung windows are among the most popular designs for window replacements in Minneapolis. There are several reasons why double-hung windows are preferred among homeowners, namely convenience and energy-efficiency. However, no window design is perfect; each has its own set of drawbacks to go along with the advantages. 

This article will cover the pros and cons of double-hung windows for your window replacement, as well as the typical maintenance required for this window design. By learning more about double-hung windows and other available window models, you can make the best choice for your Denver home.  

Defining Double-Hung Windows

Before we dive in, let’s clarify what exactly double-hung windows are. Double-hung windows often get mixed up with single-hung windows. Both of these windows contain both an upper and lower sash. With two separate sashes, these window types are split into two functionally and aesthetically. From afar, it’s easy to confuse a single-hung window with a double-hung window, and vice-versa. But, these window designs have a big distinction. While a single-hung window has only one sash that moves, with a double-hung window, both sashes are operational. 

Pros of Double-Hung Windows

Color Options

Given that double-hung windows are among the most popular residential window designs in Minneapolis, you can find double-hung windows in just about any color. This is an excellent perk for homeowners seeking something more eye-catching than the typical white window. Additionally, you can get double-hung windows in all different materials. Vinyl and wood are the most common window material picks.


In this era, homeowners are more environmentally-conscious than ever before. So, the energy-efficiency of double-hung windows is a major benefit. With a double-locking design, double-hung windows have a very tight seal. This prevents air from leaking out of your home. Especially during the winter, when your heater will likely be running, double-hung windows will stop heated air in your home from seeping outside. This will allow your heater to operate more efficiently and will even lead to lower energy bills. 

Easy To Operate

With a double-hung window, either of the sashes can open to allow fresh air into your home. The ability to slide the window open from either sash makes it easy to use, especially for older individuals or those with mobility concerns. 

Easy To Clean

Most of us don’t like window cleaning, especially when it’s a time-consuming chore. With double-hung windows, you can tilt the sashes so that they’re more accessible, making them easier to clean on both sides. You won’t have to head outside to clean double-hung windows, which is a particularly good perk if your windows are situated on the upper floor of your home. 

Cons of Double-Hung Windows


Tending to the hardware is an important aspect of maintaining double-hung windows. You’ll need to lubricate the tracks to ensure that the sashes can easily move within the frame. If you don’t lubricate the tracks, the double-hung windows may get stuck and become tricky to operate. 


Since both of the sashes in a double-hung window open up and down, the design is more complex than you’ll find with other window designs. This versatile functionality is a pro, but it also means that the price point of double-hung windows is comparatively high. While double-hung windows aren’t the most expensive type of windows around, they’re not the cheapest option on the market.  

Double-Hung Windows Maintenance

So, if you choose double-hung windows for your window replacement, what type of maintenance will you need to take care of? In addition to the hardware maintenance that we mentioned above, you should clean the window frame and glass. 

Cleaning Double-Hung Windows

Cleaning your double-hung windows will give them a more beautiful appearance and provide the opportunity to inspect your windows for damage. The cleaning tactic that you should take for the frame will depend on its material. For both wood and vinyl frames, use warm water and a dash of a mild detergent, like dish soap.

If you’re interested in window replacement, contact Superior Windows today. We provide double-hung windows along with other popular window designs to upgrade your home’s interiors.