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Are you looking to install new windows for your home? If so, you’re probably wondering about the best window types for your home. As your Minneapolis window experts, we’re going to help you select the best residential window style to suit your needs. With many different options available, there’s a window design available to suit every homeowner’s unique taste. Every type of window has a singular purpose and application, so it’s important to understand all of your options before making a final decision.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Before we dive into the many residential window style options that you have to choose from , let’s cover the importance of energy efficiency in windows. By selecting windows made with energy efficiency in mind, you can largely cut back on your home’s energy usage. In turn, you’ll enjoy lower utility bills, month after month. 

Look for windows with the Energy Star label to ensure that you select an energy-efficient option. This label is only given to window models that meet comprehensive energy regulations.

Residential Window Types

The best residential window style for your home will depend on your aesthetic and practical needs. Here are the main window types that you have to choose from:

Single and Double Hung Windows 

When you picture the windows in a home, an image of single or double hung windows likely comes to mind. These window varieties offer a classic aesthetic and simple functionality for the everyday homeowner. These window types are only slightly different in how they operate, which we’ll discuss below:

Single Hung Windows 

Single hung windows feature a bottom sash that you can open and close and an upper sash that’s permanently secured in place. 

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have the same appearance as single hung windows, but with one major difference in functionality. With double hung windows, both the upper sash and the lower sash can be moved up and down. This offers greater flexibility for homeowners who like keeping their windows open for air circulation. 

Picture Windows

Here in Denver, we’re fortunate to have beautiful scenery at every turn. If you want to maximize the view outside of your home, picture windows are a great way to go. These large windows don’t open or close, but instead provide a large, uninhibited view of the outdoors. Picture windows are often floor-to-ceiling, but can also be installed in smaller sizes. We love that picture windows allow the maximum amount of natural light to enter the room, creating a gorgeous, calming indoor space.  

Casement Windows

Casement windows operate with a crank. Instead of opening up or down within the frame, as with single and double hung windows, casement windows open out to the right or left. Casement windows offer a charming, old-fashioned design that can work well in your kitchen or living room. This window type also lets plenty of natural light into the room. 

Awning Windows

Much like with casement windows, awning windows function with cranks for opening and closing them. However, instead of opening to the left or right, awning windows open up and out, jutting outward from the building. Awning windows provide an urban, edgy aesthetic for modern homeowners. This window type provides excellent security and can even be safely left open during a rainstorm. 

Bay Windows

Bay windows are three windows connected to create a large, beautiful window system. The center window of a bay window is flat, while the other two are at a small, acute angle. This adds structure and visual interest to any room while adding plentiful natural light. Bay windows are particularly popular in residential applications. When space is limited, bay windows can be used to open up a living space, adding valuable square footage. 

Arched Windows

To add aesthetic value to your home, you may want to consider arched windows. Arched windows feature an arched top rather than the traditional square or rectangular shape. In some scenarios, arched windows may open up similarly to casement windows, moving to the right or the left. Arched windows may also be installed above regular sliding windows for added air circulation. 
To learn more about residential window styles, contact Superior Windows today.

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