Your home’s windows may rarely cross your mind. But, when sudden damage strikes, you’ll realize that the windows are crucial to the safety and comfort of your entire home. Emergency window damage can pose a serious security risk to your home and needs to be addressed ASAP. 

For homeowners who find cracked panes, broken panes, broken locks, faulty seals, or other serious window issues, acting quickly is important. But, what exactly should you do to restore the condition of your windows promptly? This article will discuss emergency window damage and how you can secure window replacement services before further damage is done. 

Types of Urgent Damage

Broken Window Panes

Broken or cracked window panes may be caused by anything from a hailstorm to a poorly-aimed ball and expansion and contraction due to fluctuating outdoor temperatures. This type of window damage can expose the interior of your home and make it accessible to intruders. So, you’ll need to have it taken care of promptly. 

Immediately after a window pane breaks, safely clean up the broken glass and, if you can’t get a window repair team to your home immediately, board up the window. Then, make sure to have the window replaced as soon as possible. 

Broken Window Locks

Locking your windows is an important security measure. Window locks may break due to deterioration or poor installation. Luckily, broken window locks are fairly straightforward to fix. The lock may need to be replaced to restore the security of your window, but this task won’t be as large of an ordeal as a full window replacement. 

Damaged Window Casing

Window casings can become damaged. Whether due to gradual rotting over time or sudden impact damage, a broken window casing will likely require a full window replacement. Note that when the window is replaced, it’s crucial to check for mold damage and insect infestation so that those problems can be addressed, too. These issues can lead to further window casing damage. 

Window Maintenance To Avoid Damage

It’s worth noting that some types of emergency window damage can be avoided with proper window installation and maintenance. As far as installation goes, ensuring to enlist the help of a trusted, experienced window team will go a long way in preventing damage. Poorly installed windows are far more likely to break down, especially in harsh weather conditions. Maintenance, such as cleaning your windows and lubricating the hardware as needed, can also protect your windows against certain types of damage. Of course, a broken window due to a stray baseball or damage after a major hailstorm aren’t preventable. But, you’ll still benefit from taking great care of your windows throughout their lifespan. 

Finding The Source of The Damage

When window damage occurs, one of the first steps that you take should be to determine its cause. If it was an accident or a sudden storm, there aren’t really measures that you can take to prevent the same type of damage from happening again. But, if it was caused by water damage, poor installation, or other avoidable factors, you should take steps to prevent future damage. In the case of water damage, for example, there may be a leak somewhere in your home that should be repaired to preserve the condition of your windows. 

Contact the Window Damage Experts

If you have a damaged window, it poses the risk for weather problems, home intruders, and animals or insects infesting your home. These types of damage can quickly rack up repair expenses resulting from a single broken window. 

Reach out to your local Minneapolis window specialists as soon as you notice the damage. Professionals can advise you on the best next steps to take, whether it be to wait for technicians to arrive or have the window boarded up until it can be addressed. 

Insurance Claims For Window Damage

In addition to contacting your local window professionals, you should reach out to your insurance company after your window becomes damaged. Some types of window damage are covered under homeowners insurance. You’ll need to check with your insurance agent to find out whether or not the type of window damage at hand is covered under your policy. If it is, you can file a claim to receive compensation for the repair costs. 

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